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Get your Salesforce.com ready for Spring!

With Spring and warm weather around the corner you don’t want to spend more time in the office than necessary! So make sure your Salesforce.com setup is as efficient as possible!

Let’s review my 5 No Fail tips:

1) Send a ‘Stay in Touch’ email so your contacts can update their information directly in Salesforce -this will ensure you have correct emails and phone numbers without manually calling everyone

2) Set up an Email Integration, like MatchMyEmail, so all your outgoing and incoming emails automatically log onto your contacts/prospects page so you don’t have to search for the last conversation

3) Integrate your email marketing application, like Constant Contact, so you can more efficiently send email blasts

4) Make sure you have all your custom fields set up for the important information you collect so you can easily pull lists and reports on criteria

5) Make sure your team is trained and following a process for leads through closed opportunities so the information is always accurate and easy to report on

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